Find My iPhone Captures Suspected Muggers After High-Speed Chase



Apple’s Find My iPhone led San Francisco police on a 90MPH car chase last night which ultimately led to the arrest of three suspected armed robbers.

My normally sleepy neighborhood in San Francisco has been plagued recently with a string of violent and scary armed street robberies.

For the last week or so, a gang of violent perps have been robbing people of gadgets like their iPhones at gunpoint. But last night, an iPhone hit them back.

PHOTO: Chuck’s corner store at 10 pm on January 29, 2013, shortly after police left the scene. By Telstar Logistics

On Tuesday night, three people were robbed at gunpoint by two muggers. One of the neighbors was pistol whipped when he resisted. Among the items stolen was an iPhone.

After the robbery, the muggers sped away in a car driven by a third suspect. In their haste, they bounced off several parked cars, badly damaging their getaway vehicle.

The victims soon tracked down a cop who had an iPad in his patrol vehicle. Bad news for the perps!

The cop fired up Find My iPhone and entered the victim’s login. As we all know, Find My iPhone allows an iOS device to be tracked by another iOS device. The cop’s iPad immediately got a lock on the stolen phone, and the cop sped off to give chase.

The cop located the getaway car (presumably by the damage it had accrued when smashing off of the parked cars) and a 90MPH freeway chase ensued. Dodging in and out of traffic, the alleged robbers crashed the getaway car and were arrested.

According to the Bernalwood blog, the victims got all their property back (except, oddly, a Teach Youself Italian book). And the Bernal Heights neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief.

Source: Bernalwood

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  • pediwent

    Hey Leander, I was the victim whose iPhone was tracked. Apparently, most robbers turn off the iPhones to prevent this, so I can tell you the police were stoked when they got a hit probably less than 15 minutes from the actual event. And as I was coming home from work, so they not only got my phone and wallet, but my briefcase with my MacBook Air, an Android tablet, and an expensive camera. How stoked was I when they caught the guys still in possession of my stuff? If you don’t have Find My iPhone installed, INSTALL IT NOW!!