Russian Railways Sues Apple Over Trademark Infringement



Apple got sued by the Swiss Federal Railway Service in October over use of their clock-face,  and now another European railway has decided they want some money from Apple too.

Russian Railways has filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple for about $65,000 (2 million roubles). The reason behind the lawsuit isn’t really clear at this point, but it’s been speculated that Russian Railways is mad about people using their logo in the App Store without permission.

Russian Railways (RZD) released a public statement noting that the infringement relates to the RZD registered trademark, certificate number 341333 and the use of it in the Apple Store in pictures. It’s likely that RZD isn’t happy about third-party apps using their logo in the App Store without permission.

Apple faces a similar lawsuit with Cartier in 2009 where a number of apps were using the Cartier logo without permission. Apple settled the lawsuit quickly by pulling the apps, so we imagine this lawsuit with RZD will follow a similar path.

Source: TechCrunch



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  • Adrayven

    Not likely to get money from it, Apple in another case was determined not directly responsible for 3rd party apps in App Store. Granted, that was in the USA, not sure how that would translate, if at all, in other countries. Some nations are more liberal in their spreading the blame to fleece some extra cash.

    They could just sue the 3rd party app devs, but that wouldn’t get them in the press like suing Apple

  • Atienne

    FerChristsSake….. Is everyone going to sue apple for some BS reason?

  • lwdesign1

    FerChristsSake….. Is everyone going to sue apple for some BS reason?

    That’s the game: Find a company with lots of money and figure out how to sue them for some of it. It’s an unethical scenario that’s been going on for centuries. In this particular case, the Russian railway is going after Apple instead of the actual developers who’ve infringed on the copyrighted trademark, because they know it would be far harder and more expensive for them to try to track down and sue each developer. By suing Apple, they save time and money. Apple will probably just ban all the apps that infringe on the mark and the suit will be over.

  • jorno087

    CRAP ghetto agency like MTA