T-Mobile Adding 100,000 iPhones Each Month, Totaling Nearly 2 Million


T-Mobile recently announced that it has finally entered a partnership with Apple, meaning the iPhone should be sold on T-Mobile sometime later this year. While the iPhone isn’t officially sold on T-Mobile quite yet, that hasn’t kept iPhone owners from joining T-Mobile’s ranks. The nation’s fourth largest carrier says that it has been adding 100,000 iPhone activations each month, and T-Mobile now serves 1.9 million iPhones total.

Since you can’t yet buy an iPhone with a contract when you walk in a T-Mobile store, these numbers mean that a signifiant number of customers are bringing over unlocked iPhones from other carriers.

Since the Apple partnership was revealed, T-Mobile has been aggressively updating its network to support HSPA+ 4G data speeds on the iPhone. Users were previously limited to 2G in most areas.

Buying the iPhone on T-Mobile will be a much different experience for most U.S. customers. The carrier has decided to do away with two-year carrier subsidies altogether.

T-Mobile’s iPhone numbers are still way behind the likes of AT&T and Verizon, but this growth is a good sign of things to come. I wouldn’t count T-Mobile out of the U.S. carrier race. When the next iPhone release comes around, T-Mobile will be in the strongest position it has been in for years.

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