ThinkGeek Slashes 80% Off iCade Jr. Mini Arcade For iPhone, Now Just $10 [Deals]

ThinkGeek Slashes 80% Off iCade Jr. Mini Arcade For iPhone, Now Just $10 [Deals]

Did Santa forget to bring you an iCade controller for your iPhone this Christmas? Well, don’t feel too downhearted, because you can now pick up ThinkGeek’s iCade Jr. for iPhone and iPod touch for just $9.99. That’s a whopping 80% off its regular $49.99 price tag.

The iCade Jr. is a miniature version of the original iCade arcade cabinet that you can play from the comfort of your own desk. It’s designed for the iPhone 4/4S, as well as the fourth-generation iPod touch, and its rotating cradle allows you to play in both portrait and landscape mode. It’ll also fit the iPhone 5 if you leave the top open.

The iCade Jr. offers an arcade-style joystick, plus four front and back buttons, and it connects to your device via Bluetooth. It supports more than 150 iOS games from a whole host of developers, including¬†Pac-Man, Space Invaders Infinity, Atari’s Greatest Hits, Midway Arcade,¬†and more.

It’s unclear how long the iCade Jr. sale will last, so pick up yours while they’re still cheap. There are lots of other items in the store on sale, too, if you’re hunting for post-Christmas bargains.

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