Microsoft Is Trying To Woo Apple Developers Over To Windows 8



For the last few decades, developers have always flocked to Microsoft’s operating system while Apple’s Mac OS X has been an afterthought. In the post-PC world though the tables have turned.

Apple’s App Store has the highest quality apps for iPhones and iPads while Microsoft has been struggling to get developers to come over and make apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. In an effort to sway the tide of the battle, Microsoft is now trying to woo popular iOS developers over to Microsoft.

The Technology Review reports that Microsoft has invited many developers over to the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, California in an attempt to lure them to make apps for Windows 8 tablets and desktop computers. While Apple’s App Store boast 700,000 apps, the Microsoft Windows Store only has 100,000 apps.

Microsoft held multiple development sessions over two days at their campus to give developers a better grasp on how to make apps for the Windows Store. Onstage, a developer answered questions, such as whether a button can be placed on a title for users to press (nope) and what colors are the best for an app’s tile (bright colors; unlike iOS, gradients aren’t allowed).

“For iOS developers that attended the event, Microsoft’s overtures seemed to be working, partly because of Microsoft’s traditional focus on supporting developers. Tim Burks, founder of iOS app development company Radtastical, says writing apps for another platform can be hard because you need to change your mind-set. Microsoft’s instructional overtures make considering its platform “a high priority,”

Many of the developers who attended the meetings said that developing for Windows 8 is alluring because the market isn’t as saturated as the App Store. Most of the developers who were invited to attend the meeting already have popular apps on iOS that would likely be popular on Windows 8 once they’re ported over.

One developer claimed, “it’s a lot easier to get lost in iOS world because there are a million apps out there.” If Microsoft can win over developers to Windows 8 and keep them there, Windows 8 might have a chance to compete in the mobile platform wars.


Source: Technology Review

Via: iDB


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    If I’m a developer I’m not going to spend my time and money developing for an OS that has not been proven. From what I’ve heard this OS is a financial disaster.

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    Then they need a better salesman than Joe Belfiore.

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    And also, is easier to use Windows 8, blindfolded, with one hand and no mouse than register and comment on your site… just saying…