PocoWool Clutch, The Simplest, Cutest iPhone Purse, Like, Ever [Kiskstarter]

The PocoWool might have the worst Kickstarter video yet seen, making the clothes-fitting-room scene in Pretty Woman look like a Jim Jarmusch movie, but it looks to be the hottest iPhone bag/purse/clutch around.

The little felt burrito is as simple as can be, a sheet of felted wool is folded in two, secured with a pair of metal eyelets and closed with a snap-fastening leather strap. And that’s it… until we get to the accessories. And what’s a handbag without accessories?

Those eyelets can be used to attach a shoulder strap, or you can use one to hook in a lanyard or carabiner. Or you can just tote the clutch in your hand.

There’s also space inside the PocoWool to slip in some cash, but loose change and keys are a no-no: not only will they scratch up the iPhone, they’ll fall out of the open ends.

Want one? Of course you do. I want one and I’m not even a girl. You can get a single PocoWool for $35, or you could just head down to the haberdasher and pick up some material to make your own.


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