Apple Claims They Didn’t Know Anything About Jury Foreman In Samsung Case


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When Samsung lost this summer’s $1.05 billion trial against Apple, we knew Samsung would try any means within their power to get the ruling overturned. And who can blame them for wanting to keep a billion dollars in their bank account?

Since the verdict was read, Samsung has learned that the jury foreman, Velvin Hogan, withheld key facts, like how he was sued by Seagate Technology and went bankrupt because of it. Seagate is partly owned by Samsung, so it could have been that Hogan had an axe to grind against them. Samsung thinks Apple knew all about Hogan, so Apple had to disclose everything they know about Hogan and when they knew it.

Apple’s official filing basically says that they don’t know anything about Hogan. In papers filed late Friday, Apple informed the court that after jury selection took place on July 30th, Apple lawyers “became aware” that Hogan had filed for bankruptcy in the past, but they never pulled up the bankruptcy court file. No one on Apple’s in-house litigation team even had an idea that Samsung was partly responsible for bankrupting Hogan through Seagate.

If Apple had known that Hogan been employed by Seagate in the past and then sued by them, then Samsung’s allegations of juror misconduct might have looked pretty strong, but right now, they’re slowly disintegrating like a sheet of paper in warm water.

Source: Ars Technica

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