A Baby Squirrel Eating A Pair Of Apple Earbuds Is Officially The Cutest Thing Ever [Video]

Look, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, it’s a slow news day, whatever. Here’s a baby squirrel eating a pair of Apple earbuds in the cutest way possible. You’re welcome.

  • Market_Mayhem

    I always knew Apple earbuds were good for something, but until I saw this video I never knew what. I suppose they taste a lot better than they sound.

  • SJW_Tweet

    Anybody know what camera they used for filiming?

  • RadTech5000

    Very cute indeed, video taken on the iPhone?

  • lwdesign1

    My first thought was “Isn’t that bad for the squirrel’s health?” My second was “Why is this person letting the squirrel chew up his earbuds without giving him a peanut or something else the squirrel can digest?” My earbuds work just fine for me, and they stay in my ears just fine, even when I go aggressive bike riding. I guess I have the exactly correct shape of ears the buds were designed for. I’m looking forward to buying a pair of the newly designed buds that came out with the iPhone 5. The sideways speaker port makes a lot of sense because it directs the sound straight into the ear canal.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    That’s one happy squirrel. Someone get that guy some pants…

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