Nuggit: The Simple, Flexible, And Powerful Text Editor [Deals]

Nuggit: The Simple, Flexible, And Powerful Text Editor [Deals]

When you’re coding or writing text, you want the app you’re using to get out of the way so that you can get things done rather than impede your progress. In many cases, less is more when it comes to text editing software, and our latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is for Nuggit, an app that has done away with any of the features that aren’t all that necessary so that you can be more efficient.

And this deal gets you Nuggit for only $5!

Nuggit is customizable to your needs. You can easily add support for new coding languages or tweak existing ones and package frequently used pieces of text into snippets that are accessible via key-command or keyword completion.You can also write scripts in the language of your choice to automate common tasks, upping your efficiency level considerably.

Despite being simple in nature, Nuggit isn’t a slouch. The languages that are currently supported include Action Script, ASP, Cold Fusion, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MovableType, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and SQL.

Here are some of the great features – or perhaps the only features, which is a big plus – that Nuggit has to offer:

  • Tabbed windows to edit multiple files without clutter
  • Code navigator to quickly jump between sections of code
  • Customization options that allow how frequently code is autosaved
  • Quick search to quickly find text in a document
  • Syntax-aware indenting
  • End-tag completion
  • …and more (or — less — depending on how you want to look at it)!

Nuggit brings a clean and efficient interface to text editing tasks without compromising on the tools. So take advantage of this 50% off pricing while you can over at our Cult of Mac Deals page – and get coding more efficiently and friction-free today!

Nuggit: The Simple, Flexible, And Powerful Text Editor [Deals]

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