Here’s What The Packaging Of The New iPod Touch Looks Like [Video]

“Ugh! An unboxing video? This isn’t 2008.” I know, guys, but seriously, the new iPod Touches have been rarer than a black unicorn playing kickball with a pack a wallabies. Like, hardly anyone’s even seen them yet in the real world, but here’s the first look. It’s an unboxing video from a guy in Japan that just received his iPod Touch.

The packaging is super minimalist – of course – and boy is the new iPod Touch skinny and beautiful. The unboxing video is a bit blurry, but we’ve got a comparison video of the iPod Touch against an iPhone 4 after the jump.

  • Gavin Blur


  • Steffen Jobbs

    Blurry due to shallow depth of field. He should have used more light. Nice kit, though. I’m definitely considering an iPod Touch but I want to see the iPad Mini first before I make my choice.

  • TylerHoj

    I love the new iPod touch! Since an unlocked iPhone 5 is 699 and the iPod touch only runs 299, I’m going to land myself a cheap prepaid phone for calls and an iPod touch for it’s near-identicle qualities to the iPhone 5. Luckily prepaid wifi hubs are also cheap here in Canada so I can still have wifi everywhere I go. Still waiting for my local Futureshop to start stocking these bad boys! So excited!

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