Sega Announces Crazy Taxi Is Coming To iOS This Month


Remember how awesome this was?
Remember how awesome this was?

Sega has announced that arcade classic Crazy Taxi is coming to iOS devices this month. It hasn’t given us a whole lot of information on the game — none at all, in fact — but it’s expected that the title will be a complete port of the original Dreamcast hit, with the original (and awesome!) Offspring soundtrack.

Sega has provided us with a very brief teaser trailer, which — like its blog post — doesn’t give us a great deal of information. But it does promise that the title will be arriving this month on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Crazy Taxi, it’s a super fun arcade driving game in which you pick up customers in your cab, then drive like a madman around the city in an effort to deliver them to their destination as quickly as possible. You’re encouraged to perform stunts and narrowly miss other vehicles along the way, which earns you more cash.

As soon as Crazy Taxi hits the App Store, we’ll let you know.

Source: Sega

Via: TouchArcade

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  • GrandMasterB

    This was probably easily one of my top 2 favorite DreamCast games. I truly can’t wait! :D

  • rlowe

    Readdy, Set & Let’s Wait!!!

  • Brobotham

    I love this game but the loop of like 3 Offspring songs gets old. Regardless I’m gonna but the sh*t out of this game…