Things Update Brings iPhone 5 Support, Ability To Create New To-Dos With Siri


iPhone 5 ready.
iPhone 5 ready.

While the App Store has listed Things as an “amazing app” for iPhone 5 for the past week or so, the app didn’t actually support the new handset’s larger display. But it does now, thanks to a brand new update, which also delivers the ability to create new to-dos using Siri.

Things version 2.1 is now compatible with iOS 6, and it takes full advantage of the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display. It also promises improved stability, and bug fixes. But its most exciting new feature is the ability to create new to-dos using Siri.

Technically, Siri doesn’t actually communicate with Things directly. Instead, you use Siri to create a to-do using the built-in Reminders app, then Things pulls your tasks from there:

You can use Siri to enter new to-dos thanks to Things’ Reminders integration. Reminders you’ve created with Siri can be shown in Things’ Inbox, where you can easily import them. (Requires iOS 6)

You can download Things version 2.1 from the App Store now using the source link below, and if you don’t already own it, it costs $9.99.

Source: App Store

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