Conan O’Brien: The iPhone 5’s Best Feature? Capturing Your Penis In Panorama [Video]

Conan O’Brien loves to do bits on the latest Apple product, and the latest iPhone 5 feature to become the fodder for laughs is the new Panorama feature, which Chris Parnell & Deon Cole says is the perfect photographic equipment for the well-endowed male. While Deon Cole’s delivery is perfect, it’s Chris Parnell’s matter-of-fact dissection of the joke — “that Deon is implying that his penis is too large to be capture in a normal camera aspect ratio’s field of view” — that pushes this bit over the top for me. Tell me about it. Just don’t shoot it in bright light or it’ll get a purplish hue, although chances are, if you need to shoot your penis in panorama, it’s already got one.

  • Stevejods

    let me guess.. yep, John Brownlee!
    you’r just stupid. and your news stupid too!

  • Wackintosh

    hahah, great post John.

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