Official Twitter App For iOS Gets Update, Brings Improved UI To iPad



Are you still using the official Twitter app on your iDevice nstead of Tapbots’ superior Tweetbot client? Well, bully for you, then, because Twitter has just updated their universal iOS app with some new tweaks to the iPad UI, new profiles with header photos, and more.

Here are the updates, straight from the blue bird’s beak:

HomeTweets come alive in the new Twitter for iPad. Expand Tweets with a single touch to see beautiful photos, rich videos and web page summaries right in your timeline. Dive into the content with another tap to see the photo, play the video or read links from the web in fullscreen mode.

Keep conversations going by tracking your interactions with other people: See who has followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favorited your Tweets.

Tap into a stream of useful and entertaining information personalized for you. Read news stories that are popular within your network, see which Tweets and accounts are favorited and followed by the people you know, see what topics are trending, and find great new accounts to follow.

Express yourself by adding a beautiful new header photo to your new profile. It appears consistently above your Tweets on iPad, mobile apps and, and you can change it anytime. You can also remember the moments you’ve shared on Twitter by swiping through your photo stream on your profile or tapping photos to go fullscreen.

You can download the new Twitter for iOS 5.0 update here.

Source: iTunes

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  • cedunn21

    Did they update for iPhone 5 screen?

  • TauZer0

    I have yet to see any improvement in this version. It feels like a major step back… The whole screen is wasted! Hope they come to their senses and bring back the old, far better, interface!

    According to some sources quoted by John Gruber, they seem to have done this to make it more compatible with the Android version! :(