T-Mobile Will Have iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs From Mid-October

T-Mobile Will Have iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs From Mid-October

Looks like T-Mobile’s serious about getting you to come to their network with your unlocked iPhone 5, even if they still don’t have a deal in place to sell them directly. What you see here is that T-Mobile is already ordering nano-SIMs, and you’ll be able to slap them into an unlocked iPhone 5 starting in mid-October. You won’t get LTE, of course, but if that doesn’t matter to you, you might save a few bucks.

  • Adrayven

    Been on both t-mo 3G and Verizon, with the exception of upload speeds, is really not that big of a difference.. I notice it more in my bill. lol

    Trick is, they still don’t have a large roll out of 3G for iPhone at all, so still on EDGE really, really hurts…

  • TheMadTurtle

    “you might save a few bucks”…..more like several hundred when you crunch the numbers on a two-year contract.

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