Find Your Textbooks For Cheap With TextbookMe On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

Find Your Textbooks For Cheap With TextbookMe On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

It’s back to school time, of course, and that means textbooks for a large portion of students in higher ed, at least. And textbooks cost a lot. Like, a LOT.

The folks at TextbookLand aim to change that fact with their new iPhone app, TextbookMe. With it, you can search, scan a barcode, or browse your way to less expensive textbooks as you wander the quad looking for cute people to connect with at the party later in the evening. Or, so we hear.

Finding the lowest price for your textbooks is as easy as heading to the bookstore and scanning the textbooks on your syllabus. TextbookMe will bring up real time price results so you can decide whether the book in the physical store right in front of you is worth buying, or if the book from TextbookLand will be worth your time, energy, and delivery fee.

Sure, you can do this with the excellent Amazon Price Check, but TextbookMe uses its own database of already inexpensive and used textbooks to filter out stuff that Amazon might show you, like appliances, video games, or vitamin supplements.

And? At the end of the semester, when you need to sell your books back, the same company offers BookBuyBack, an iPhone app that lets you sell your textbooks back, so the next poor college student can purchase it at a reduced price. It’s win/win!

If you’ve used this service, either on your iPhone or on the web, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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