Some Men Would Be Happy To Give Up Sex To Get iPhone 5 Two Weeks Early [Report]


Britons could get a 4G iPhone after all.
What would you do to get this two weeks early?

How excited are you for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone? Could you give up sex to get it two weeks early? According to one survey, one in eleven men would be more than happy to, while 38% would make a “significant sacrifice” to avoid the queues on launch day.

A survey of 800 men questioned by online casino found that one in eleven would be happy to go celibate for two weeks to get the iPhone 5 a fortnight early. 22% of respondents would be willing to go without coffee for the same period, while 14% said they would give up alcohol.

Furthermore, 38% of men said that they would be willing to make a “significant sacrifice” if it meant they didn’t have to queue for the device on launch day.

A spokesperson for said:

[The iPhone 5] is just over a month away and it seems many of the people we spoke to would happily abstain from physical intimacy if it meant they could get their hands on the smartphone early.

On the face of it this seems a very drastic step to take and really plays up to the ‘boys and their toys’ stereotype.

People often make the joke that all men think about is sex, maybe in a couple of years the word will instead be tech.

So what would you be willing to give up to get the iPhone 5 two weeks before anyone else? Bearing in mind that it’s likely to be so good you won’t have time for sex and other things like that anyway.


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  • James Cook

    I think I may have clicked on a link from The Onion by mistake.

  • ddevito

    poor sheep

  • Ed_Kel

    Y’all really need to get a life….

  • popeyoni

    Those are the geeks who weren’t getting sex anyway. They are not giving up anything.

  • montecristo

    please forward me your (cute only!) girlfriends’ contact info. I’ll be glad to service them promptly and expertly…

  • Lane Jasper

    I won’t do anything…not until the DevTeam announces they have a JB available. THEN I will get my upgrade through ATT that I have available.

  • Noshiz TheNolifer