Apple, Samsung, Forced To Open Their Financial Books In Trial Today

Apple, Samsung, Forced To Open Their Financial Books In Trial Today

Hard to keep these kind of secrets when you’re suing the crap out of each other.

For those of us watching the trial of Apple vs Samsung this week, the fact that Judge Lucy Koh made the companies reveal confidential sales data is something of a no-brainer. The jury will need to look at the sales of the various devices from the two mobile technology giants to decide at some point what the damages should be, if any.

Apple, Samsung, Forced To Open Their Financial Books In Trial Today

The documents, filed today and discovered by All Things D, show Apple’s numbers classified into iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, without any specific model breakdowns. From 2007, when the iPhone was first released, through the second quarter of this year, Apple shows a total of 85 million iPhones sold in the US, which comes to around $50 billion in revenue. Apple sold 46 million iPod touches within the same period, representing $10.3 billion in revenue. Since 2010, when the iPad came out, Apple sold 34 million of them, bringing in $19 billion in revenue. Whew.

In contrast, Samsung sold 21.25 million smartphones, which generated 7.5 billion in revenue. It’s also sold 1.4 million Galaxy Tabs, which cornered $644 million in revenue. Samsung’s numbers cover a period of time between June 2010 through June 2012.

On a strictly numbers basis, of course, Apple is doing much better than Samsung in the smartphone game, though the length of time Cupertino has been in the game is longer. It will be up to the jury in the Northern Californian courtroom to interpret the data, of course, to see if there are financial damages or copyright/patent infringements.

It’s interesting, though, how much information has been brought to light, from companies, especially Apple, who value secrecy so highly. We’re pretty sure this isn’t what CEO Tim Cook meant when he promised to “double down” on new product secrecy.

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