Create Amazing Paintings With Just Your iPad



Art. It’s something we all aspire to from the earliest of age and a pursuit of all humankind, including ancient cave and modern city dwellers, folks from the suburbs and people from the Renaissance. Head into any art museum and you’ll see paintings along the walls made with a variety of styles, techniques, and philosophical points of view.

Would you like to “brush up” on your painting skills? Practice drawing with colored pencils, pen and ink, water colors? How about acrylics, oils, or pastels. You can on your iPad with Art Set, a $0.99 app from developer LOFOPI.

I’ve tried many different apps for art on the iPad, and (so far) this one takes the crown. It’s like having an actual art tool box at the ready, whenever inspiration strikes, without the fuss or mess of real art supplies and the very real cleanup that has to happen. It’s a perfect app for practicing or trying out your ideas before committing them to costly paper with expensive paints.

The app looks just like real paint, with thick oil paints and blending tools like sponges, water, and smudge sticks. It includes a variety of colored and textured papers to simulate a real painting or drawing environment. There are colored pencils, thick and thin markers, oil pastels, crayons and art erasers to attack any drawing or painting project. You can zoom in and move the canvas around for a high degree of fine detail. And, unlike a real canvas-based painting, there’s several levels of undo.

The app allows you to import your own photos and images as well, and you can export any canvases you create to your photo album.

Combined with a stylus and the app’s virtual pressure sensitivity, Art Set allows a high degree of realism in any art project you choose to create with it. Give this inexpensive app a try today, and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Source: App Store

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  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    Didn’t you get the memo, this app uses skeuomorphic design, Cult of Mac doesn’t like that.

  • xMoonDevilx

    Procreate is much better, more costly…but it shows and very much worth it. This is not a bad app at all though. UI is a nice touch, easy to use…perhaps with further updates could get better. Good app for that Studio Art style though…or beginners seeking a cheap priced app with some good bells and whistles.

  • jblackwell33

    Inspire Pro destroys this app for oil painting. You can’t even change the size of the brushes with Art Set.