iOS 6 Beta Cannot Handle More Than 500 Installed Apps [Report]


Don't install too many — iOS 6 can't handle it.
Don't install too many — iOS 6 can't handle it.

A consulting firm has discovered that Apple’s existing iOS 6 betas will only support up to 500 installed apps at any one time, and that with any more than that, devices suffer from slow boot times, random reboots, and “other issues.” The firm has had to convince Apple that users need support for more than 500 apps to have the limit lifted.

Mid Atlantic Consulting reports that when a user has over 500 apps installed on an iOS device under the new iOS 6 betas (all three of them), their device will become unusually sluggish when rebooting, and it will throw up all kinds of issues.

If a user install over 1,000 apps, then the firm claims that the device won’t boot up at all, and that users are forced to restore them to bring them back to life.

The company claims that Apple has acknowledged this issue, and that at first, the Cupertino company wasn’t willing to do anything about it — until Mid Atlantic “convinced them” that we need more than just 500 apps on our devices.

At first, Apple’s stand was who needs that many apps.  After many discussions, we were able to convince them that if they expect the iphone to replace your phone, your pocket gaming system, your smart-home remotes, your TV remotes, you day-timer, etc. then they have to allow almost unlimited apps.

Apple has now promised to fix this problem in an upcoming iOS 6 beta, Mid Atlantic reports, “bit it may not be in the next beta.”

If you’re running the iOS 6 beta and you’ve got a lot of apps installed, have you noticed any problems?

Source: Mid Atlantic Consulting

Via: iPodNN

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  • PGEddington

    OK, maybe–just maybe–if you have 500 apps on any device you need to take a deep breath, step back, and ask yourself “Why DO I have 500 apps?”

  • Tallest_Skil

    Exactly; if you “need” more than 500 apps, you have serious, SERIOUS problems.

  • Ed_Kel

    Slow news day yeah?

  • SteveLV702

    interesting I have 518 apps so over 500 and I haven’t had any problem and I’m running iOS 6 Beta 3.

    Regarding everyones comments @PGEddington @Tallest_Skil how you figure? maybe need apps cause I’m a developer and also need alot for work… I have 518 apps but almost 400 are actually work related so only have a little over 100 for my own personal use.

  • Tallest_Skil

    how you figure? maybe need apps cause I’m a developer and also need alot for work… I have 518 apps but almost 400 are actually work related so only have a little over 100 for my own personal use.

    I defy you to give an actual reason for each of those. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I won’t be. You don’t need 400 apps for work.

  • Chris Hunter

    Its a known problem. Does it matter why/if somebody has over 500 apps? Its money in Apples pocket either way unless of course they are 500 free apps.

  • MichaelMuc

    Not more than 500? Piece of crap!
    Only Chuck Norris can handle more than 500 apps ;-)

  • Oleguer Txdr

    Not a big deal for me. I currently have 55 apps on my iPhone and I think I only use 30 of them.
    Yea, I’ll do some cleaning some day of these, 55 are too many apps.

  • bondr006

    I have 221 apps on my iPad, and the only reason for that is that I have a 9 year old that likes games…..sooo about 70 of those apps are games with 10 more that are educational. I periodically go through my apps and delete ones that I thought were cool and would get a lot of use, but in reality never get used. I don’t see the logic in having apps just to have apps. I would rather have room for content and apps that I really use. BTW, I have an 3rd gen 64gb 4G/LTE iPad.

  • theobserving

    in other news, the guy who discovered this limitation recently learned there’s a thing out there called “women.” he plans to investigate further.

  • joewaylo

    Someone must be bored to have 500 applications on their phone. I have 52.

  • MrsCleaver

    Darn! A five hundred app limit?! Judging from how many people are using their phones while driving, at stop lights, while dining with the family (all of whom are also on their phones), in movie theaters and simply tightly clutching their phones while doing the normal activities of life… the five hundred limit could really be a deal killer. Or a family-time killer, traffic killer, enjoyment killer and even a social killer.

    Luckily Apple still provides a Delete App function, just in case someone hits the limit.

    Sorry for the rant.