O2’s Upcoming ‘TU Go’ App Will Let You Make & Receive iPhone Calls On Your iPad

O2’s Upcoming ‘TU Go’ App Will Let You Make & Receive iPhone Calls On Your iPad

With TU Go, you won’t need to find your iPhone in the bottom of your bag to make & receive calls.

There’s no denying that the iPad is far to big to be a telephone, but there are times when it would be nice to make calls on the device. For example, I’ve previously used Skype to make a call on mine while my iPhone was being updated. But a new smartphone app called ‘TU Go’, on its way from U.K. carrier O2, will allow you to use a device connected to your iPhone — such as an iPad — to make and receive calls from your existing phone number.

TU Go sports a fairly simple user interface, according to Pocket-lint, but under the hood it’s an incredible powerful piece of software. Not only does it work with iPads, but also with your desktop or notebook computer, and other devices that can connect to your iPhone, to “extend your O2 phone number and package far beyond just your mobile.”

The service will reportedly come bundled with medium- to high-end pay monthly packages, and the TU Go app itself will be free to download. Once installed, any calls to your O2 number will not only appear on your iPhone, but also any other device with TU Go installed — allowing you to receive them on whichever device is closest to you. Neat, eh?

As you’d expect, all calls and messages you send will come out of your monthly allowance — no matter which device you use to make or send them.

TU Go will reportedly be available to O2 customers before the end of 2012. One predicts this could see a lot of customers switching to O2 for the next-generation iPhone.

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