Rovio May Be Planning Pig-Based Sequel To Angry Birds


Photo: Rovio
Photo: Rovio

If rumor serves right, Rovio may soon be expanding their popular Angry Birds series. According to Pocket-lint, the popular mobile gaming company may introduce a new game later this year that switches the classic gameplay around.

This new game will take the opposite approach of the first version of Angry Birds. Instead of catapulting birds towards the pigs, you’ll be playing from the pig’s point of view, and instead be launching the pigs at the birds. Similar to the birds, these pigs will come with different skill sets.

The object of the game will be to protect the stolen eggs from incoming birds, according to Pocket-lint. Rovio has expanded their franchise in the past, with games such as Angry Birds Space, but this would mark a more significant shift in the focus of the game.

I’m still skeptical whether or not this game will catch on. Angry Birds has been pretty much played out, and I’m not confident customers will want to play another game of the same caliber.

I’m sure the game will sell, after all, Rovio has great momentum behind it, but I can’t see this being anywhere near as successful as the original game.

Source: Pocket-lint Via: Slashgear




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  • hanhothi

    I just tried the free version of Angry Birds Space. Bored with it quickly, and will not bother buying the full version. I agree, AB has run its course.