Five Years Of iPhone [Video]

Five Years Of iPhone [Video]

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of the original iPhone, the phone that undoubtedly changed the world forever. To celebrate 5 years of iPhone, I’ve put together a little video showing just how much the iPhone has impacted not only our culture, but our everyday lives. Check out the video after the break.

Five Years Of iPhone [Video]

  • Cowicide

    Wow, only 5 years ago? It feels more like 8 or 10 years ago for some reason. Nobody wants to admit it, but Apple changed phones forever.

  • mr_bee

    Kind of sad that the article is about five years of iPhone and you have a picture with only 4 models in it. You couldn’t borrow another iPhone for the picture to make it complete?

  • WebsterDavid2

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