Satellite Eyes Turns Your Mac’s Boring Wallpaper Into A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Current Location

Satellite Eyes Turns Your Mac’s Boring Wallpaper Into A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Current Location

Much better than a picture of your motorbike, right?

Fed up of trying to find the perfect wallpaper for your Mac? There are plenty out there that feature supercars you’ll never be able to afford, models you’ll never meet, and sandy beaches you’ll never visit. But for something a little more interesting, check out Satellite Eyes, a wonderful little app that displays a satellite view of your current location as your desktop background.

Developed by Tom Taylor, Satellite Eyes is a simple yet spectacular little app that every Mac owner should install. Not only does it turn your desktop wallpaper into a bird’s eye view of your current location, but it also detects your location every time you move and updates the wallpaper automatically.

It offers a number of different map styles, including traditional aerial photographs and even abstract watercolor paintings, which are sourced from OpenStreetMap, Stamen Design, and Bing Maps. What’s more, it’ll even work across multiple monitors if you have more than one plugged into your Mac.

It’s the kind of tweak you’d pay good money for, but you don’t have to. Satellite Eyes is completely free, so go and grab it now using the link below.

  • WoutervanErp

    nice concept i only hate the bing logo in the bottom right corner..

  • Alejandro Montelongo

    I installed it and loved it, I especially love how on multiple displays you see a two pice map of the region, not the same map on two monitors. I also like the “Toner” effect, although I haven’t been successful using “Watercolor”

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