PasswordPilot Pro Automatically Inserts Your Apple ID Password For Downloading New Apps And Updates [Jailbreak]


PasswordPilot Pro manages your Apple ID password for you.
PasswordPilot Pro manages your Apple ID password for you.

Have you ever wished that iOS would automatically fill in your Apple ID password when making purchases in the App Store? Apple requires the user to confirm the password associated with an Apple ID before purchasing and downloading new apps and updates. Once you enter your password, iOS keeps your account logged in for a short time, but you’ll have to re-enter your password again after a few minutes.

What if you only had to enter your password once and never worry about it again? A new jailbreak tweak called PasswordPilot Pro automatically inserts your Apple ID password for you, making the process of buying and updating apps faster and more efficient.

If you use a good, long password with your Apple ID, you may not want to enter it every time you make a purchase. As long as you’re not worried about others using your iPhone and potentially downloading apps without your permission, PasswordPilot Pro is for you.

Setting a master password for PasswordPilot Pro.

The tweak is managed in the Settings app where you have to set a master password to access your preferences and login info. Set a strong master password for whenever you need to go in and change settings. Once you’ve got a master login, add your Apple ID in the settings for PasswordPilot Pro. Your password is stored using NSA-approved encryption standards. If you have multiple IDs you use on your device, the tweak will automatically recognize when you switch and fill in the appropriate password for you.

Swipe all of the toggles for App Store, updates, and Find My Friends if you want the tweak to work in all of those cirumstances. Apple’s Find My Friends app will ask for your login info by default whenever you open the app.

Once you’ve added your Apple ID password(s), the tweak will fill in your login info every time you need to authenticate in the App Store. All you’ll need to do is tap confirm.

PasswordPilot Pro automatically pastes your password.

My only complaint is that PasswordPilot Pro does not work in the iTunes and Apple Store iOS apps. I would like to see the tweak work systemwide for whenever I need to enter my Apple ID.

Developed by Filippo Bigarella, maker of Springtomize 2 and many other prominent Cydia tweaks, PasswordPilot Pro is available now in Cydia for $2.

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  • mr_bee

    Um … for downloading updates, this feature already exists in iOS and OS-X.  

    It’s called “automatic downloads.”
    For downloading new items, it’s a really, really, really bad idea.  
    Sort of like having  a padlock that doesn’t need a key to chain up your bike with.  
  • siddharthbandhu

    IF the iPhone gets lost, someone could bring you a huge bill.

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