New iPad Online Orders Now Shipping In 1-3 Business Days

New iPad Online Orders Now Shipping In 1-3 Business Days

1-3 Business Days. It took Apple four months to get iPad 2 shipping times to this level last year.

After two months of scarcity, Apple’s finally gotten its new iPad production ramped up enough to get a new iPad to you the same week you ordered one, from a Foxconn factory straight to your door in 1-3 business days. Just three weeks ago, it still took 3-5 business days for Apple to ship a new iPad to an online customer. In another three weeks, you might be able to overnight one.

Apple’s done a lot better with new iPad supply compared to the iPad 2. Not only did everyone who wanted one on launch day pretty much get one, but it took Apple about four months last year to get shipping times down to 1-3 business days, and five months to get it down to within 24 hours. Let’s hope this is a trend towards having enough supply to go around that continues with the iPhone 5.

  • Clint Moses

    I ordered one when it said 3-5 days and it shipped within a couple of hours from when I ordered.

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