Beautiful iAWriter Becomes The Latest Victim Of A Mutant App Store Clone


Don't be fooled by this horrible knockoff that costs more than the real thing.
Don't be fooled by this horrible knockoff (left) that costs more than the real thing.

There’s no denying that Apple’s App Store is the best source for smartphone and tablet apps, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why users continue to purchase iOS devices. But it does have its flaws, among them the select few developers who find it much easier to shamelessly clone existing apps rather than creating their own.

The latest is a word processor called Writing, which is identical to the wonderful iA Writer.

Writing is just like iA Writer in almost every possible way — even its icon is exactly the same, only it’s been butchered to insert a different name. Take a look at the user interface inside the app and again, apart from that terrible font, Writing is no different to iA Writer.

But the worst part? Even though Writing is a shameless knockoff, it still costs a dollar more at $1.99. It goes without saying, then, that you should hold onto that extra dollar and buy the real iA Writer for $0.99. It’s highly regarded as one of the best word processors for iOS, from trusted developers who will continue to support their app.

Writing, on the other hand, will almost certainly get pulled at some point, and you can forget support in the form of bug fixes and updates.

Source: AppAdvice



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  • Floris

    Wow, their only purpose for making that app is to ride on the success of iA Writer. 

  • mr_bee

    It’s sad that people can’t be original, but as a user of iAWriter, I must say that if this clone fixes some of the pigheaded decisions made by the designer, I will actually buy it.  

    Also, what they are copying is hardly anything that can really be protected either by copyright, patent, or trademark.  I don’t think iAWriter would have a case for it’s removal. 

    The big problem with iAWriter (IMO of course) is how they completely over-ride the normal touch screen writing controls and put their own in place instead.  This is very difficult customisation to do, so it’s likely that the clone won’t have copied that part.  
    If so, to me, this is a version of iAWriter without the obvious flaws and therefore well worth the two bucks.