OS X Gets Automatic App Downloads Just Like iOS In Latest Mountain Lion Release

OS X Gets Automatic App Downloads Just Like iOS In Latest Mountain Lion Release

It's not working just yet, but you can bet it will be by the time Mountain Lion goes public.

One of the features that I love most about iOS 5 is Automatic Downloads, which allows me to purchase an app, book, or song on my iPhone and have it installed on my iPad at almost exactly the same time. It’s great for users with multiple iOS devices, and it’s also coming to the Mac.

One developer has discovered the ability to turn on Automatic Downloads for Mac App Store purchases under the latest OS X Mountain Lion release.

The feature was discovered by Zach Kahn, a self-confessed Apple fanatic, who posted a screenshot on Twitter. It works just like Automatic Downloads on iOS, sending all of the Mac App Store purchases you make to every machine that is logged in with your iTunes ID.

However, according to some reports, it isn’t actually working under Mountain Lion just yet. It is thought that Apple will enable the service for the next Mountain Lion beta so that it is fully functional for the operating system’s public release later this summer.

  • Johan Rolwen

    Guys, there is something called “screen-shots”.

    You can press CMD + Shift+ 4 and then select whatever you like.
  • howie_isaacks

    What a sucky screenshot!  There’s a key command for that.  That being said, getting these tidbits about Mountain is nice, but aren’t these guys under and NDA?  Is it wise to post the name of the person who gave this to you?  Of course, he may have pirated Mountain Lion, or got it from someone who is a developer.

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