Linux Creator Linus Torvalds: I Love My MacBook Air!

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds: I Love My MacBook Air!

Sure, Linus, you can run Linux on a MacBook Air, but why would you want to?

Linus Torvalds is not a huge fan of Apple products. He is, as he describes himself, a socks and sandal kind of guy, a tinkerer. Even so, the Linux creator is absolutely in love with the MacBook Air… and wonders why the hell other laptop makers can’t come out and release an ultrabook that’s worth a damn.

Here’s what Torvalds had to say about the MacBook Air in a recent interview with Techcrunch:

I’m have to admit being a bit baffled by how nobody else seems to have done what Apple did with the Macbook Air – even several years after the first release, the other notebook vendors continue to push those ugly and *clunky* things. Yes, there are vendors that have tried to emulate it, but usually pretty badly. I don’t think I’m unusual in preferring my laptop to be thin and light.

Btw, even when it comes to Apple, it’s really just the Air that I think is special. The other apple laptops may be good-looking, but they are still the same old clunky hardware, just in a pretty dress.

I’m personally just hoping that I’m ahead of the curve in my strict requirement for “small and silent”. It’s not just laptops, btw – Intel sometimes gives me pre-release hardware, and the people inside Intel I work with have learnt that being whisper-quiet is one of my primary requirements for desktops too. I am sometimes surprised at what leaf-blowers some people seem to put up with under their desks.

I want my office to be quiet. The loudest thing in the room – by far – should be the occasional purring of the cat. And when I travel, I want to travel light. A notebook that weighs more than a kilo is simply not a good thing (yeah, I’m using the smaller 11″ macbook air, and I think weight could still be improved on, but at least it’s very close to the magical 1kg limit).

I couldn’t agree more. My 11-inch MacBook Air is still the best laptop I’ve ever owned.

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  • Richard Bachner

    I love my Air but I hope Apple’s pro machines lose the DVD drive and get thinner and lighter as well because they’re still a bit heavier than ideal.

  • Luis Garza

    I’m waiting on the air-style Pro…that’s my next buy, and my 2yo 13″MBAir is going to my wife :)

  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    I have to admit that while I am running a 13″ MBP I do see myself moving toward an Air next time. So long as I can cram a few small Final projects onto it at the same time then I should be peachy.

  • Jhabril Harris

    The creator of the Linux kernel himself? Using the product and operating system that his creation is based off of? THAT’S LIKE BILL GATES USING A MAC!!!
    (And I am positive that Gates uses a Mac more than a PC -_-)

    • OMFG

      No Sir, he installed GNU Linux on the Air. He’s not using OS X.

  • snogglethorpe

    Hmm, so I guess Linux must run pretty well on the 11″ Air…?

  • Eduardo Moraz

    My experience with the first generation MacBook Air was not good at all. A slow, non upgradeable machine what I could fry an egg over it; (seriously). The nowadays Airs are good machines, so they say. All right, no reason to doubt about it at all, but… thank you, chief… don´t want to use it anymore, regardless it´s generation…

  • Gerusarus

    I want do develop or learn to develop apps for iPad and iPhone, without JB it is not an option.

  • TopAgentWebsite

    Apple 4 da win!

  • silva575

    Apple makes a top notch product no doubt… but Linus has stated in the past “it’s physically a regular Apple Mac, although it obviously only runs Linux, so I don’t think you can call it a Mac any more ;)”

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