IFoolish Case Turns iPhone Into Fully-Functioning Magna Doodle

IFoolish Case Turns iPhone Into Fully-Functioning Magna Doodle

Games like Magna Doodle are what allowed 1970s kids to develop such long attention spans

Remember the MagnaDoodle? If you fall on my side of the Great Age Divide, then your answer will be an excited “yes!” The re-usable screen of the Magna Doodle was just about the closest thing that us 70s-born youngsters had to the touch-screen iPhone which you ungrateful kids enjoy today.

If you’re on the wrong side of the Great Age Divide, your answer will be all like “WTF old man you suck LOL.” To which I would respond with the following punishment: You will be forced to use this Magna Doodle for a week. Without the iPhone inside.

The nostalgic Magna Doodle iPhone case is called iFoolish, and that’s as good a name as any. Along with old C64 and ZX Spectrum games, the memory of the Magna Doodle towers over the reality. It works like an Etch-A-Sketch: a gray screen is filled with metal filings and a magnetic stylus brings them to the front where they are made visible on-screen. If I recall correctly, the original Magna Doodle sets came with magnets in various shapes so you could just “print” them on the screen. Shaking or wiping with an opposite-poled magnet would clear the screen.

And that’s what passed for entertainment in the 1970s, which is why we were always out on our bikes, riding around the neighborhood and solving crimes like we were the Red Hand Gang, and smoking cigarettes stolen from our mothers, while you teengers of today are all overweight and pasty from spending too much time indoors.

The iFoolish can be had for just £20, or $32.

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