Save $98.01 With RealCaliper [iOS Tips]



A good pair of calipers can measure a small object much more accurately than a ruler or tape measure. Buying one, however, could cost around $100 or so, according to RealCaliper developer Pocketdemo e.u.r.l. Here’s how to use this $1.99 app to measure something small.

Purchase and download RealCaliper from the App Store, and let it install on your iPad. Once it’s finished loading, tap on the icon to launch it. You’ll get a quick ad for Dimensions, the developer’s other measurement app. Tap “Later” and you’ll get a tutorial video showing you how to use RealCaliber, and then a dialog badge asking if you want to re-watch the tutorial. Tap on No if you feel the samw way we do about tutorials, and get right to work.

The onscreen caliper works the same way a quality digital analog caliper works. Simply place the item you wish to measure on top of the iPad screen and slide the large yellow button to the right of the caliper “fingers” to measure whatever it is you want to measure. My index finger, for example, from the tip to the end of the first knuckle, is 1.030 inches, or 26.170 mm. Yes, you can switch between inches and mm with a tap on the unit button. You can also zero out the display at any length with the zero button.

While it may have some limitations–measuring my finger required that I didn’t actually touch the screen with that index finger–RealCaliper seems like it would be a pretty handy way to measure screws, nails, and other small items around the house without spending $100 for a real pair of calipers. Your mileage may vary, of course, and we’d love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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  • formative

    How could this possibly measure anything more accurately than the sceen’s resolution? With a ppi of 264, every pixel on the iPad sceen is 0.0962mm wide, and that would be the smallest unit of measure. Rounded off that’s 0,1 mm and while that’s most likely good enough for most people, it’s not comparable to a REAL caliper.

  • Bicoid

    I think the developer is exaggerating to hype his app. A good set of digital calipers can be bought at Sparkfun for $15.

  • mr_bee

    There is no possible way in which this could be as accurate as a real calliper and shame on anyone who was fooled into thinking so.

  • HerbalEd

    I bet 5 different people measuring the same object would get 5 different measurements.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Close enough for Home Depot work.