Aporkalypse Now: Angry Birds Helicopters Hover Into View

Aporkalypse Now: Angry Birds Helicopters Hover Into View

Buy a few dozen of these, cue up some Wagner get ready to smell some bacon in the morning

Three words: Angry. Birds. Helicopter. What more do you need to know before you peel a crisp $50 off your money roll and place your order?

The chopper comes from iHelicopters, the people behind iPhone controlled helicopters, trucks and cars. The Angry Birds Helicopter comes with its own dedicated dual-stick controller, so you can’t iControl it — but who cares when you can play the most addictive iOS game ever in real life?

The helicopter itself comes with a lithium-polymer battery, and a 40 minute charge will give you 8-10 minutes of flight: plenty of time to take out a few smug green pigs. The controller requires six AA batteries, but that should last for quite a while before you need to replace them. The ‘copter has twin rotor blades to keep it stable without a tail, and a spare pair of blades comes in the box.

Best of all, it costs just $50, making it pretty hard for any Angry Birds fan to turn down. Available now.

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