Ubisoft’s Future iOS Games Will Allow You To Sync Your Progress Across Different Devices Via The Cloud

Ubisoft’s Future iOS Games Will Allow You To Sync Your Progress Across Different Devices Via The Cloud

Ubisoft's new cloud-based syncing system means you'll no longer have to complete the same levels on multiple devices.

Ubisoft has confirmed that its future iOS games will store your save data in the cloud, allowing you to sync your progress across multiple devices. That means you can beat missions and levels on your iPhone in your lunch break, then continue your game right where you left off on your iPad when you get home.

It’s a feature that almost every game — especially those build for both the iPhone and the iPad — should not be without.

The company’s head of digital, Chris Early, explained the plans to Pocket-lint:

“I think that is a huge issue and I personally can’t stand it where I have to do something over again,” Chris Early, head of digital at Ubisoft told us in a one-to-one briefing when he visited the UK. “We have a cloud-based storage system for that data for you.”

“As a player, I absolutely hope that game saves across multiple devices will be like this in the future. From an Ubisoft perspective, yes they will,” he added.

Ubisoft’s first game to adopt the system will be Ghost Recon: Commander, which is set for release “soon.”

Ubisoft isn’t the first to introduce this feature, however — some iOS titles are already using Apple’s iCloud service to sync game saves across multiple devices. But the company will offer its own cloud-based storage system that won’t be exclusive to iOS devices.

As things currently stand, the vast majority of iOS titles require you to complete levels and objectives one device, such as your iPhone, then do the same again on another. Some rumors have suggested that Apple will make game syncing a future feature within Game Center. But this is yet to happen.

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