New Apple TV Doubles RAM And Sticks With 8GB Storage

New Apple TV Doubles RAM And Sticks With 8GB Storage

This is what we like to see: Geeks ripping open their own gear and posting the photos to prove it

The new Apple TV has been opened up to reveal the same old 8GB of storage, along with 512MB RAM — double that of the previous generation Apple TV. XBMC forum member aicjofs got bored one day and decided to rip open his own Apple TV to see what was inside — a nerd after our own hearts.

Apple’s own specs list the new Apple TV as using a single-core version of the A5 chip, but little else. Aicjofs’ teardown also reveals a possible second antenna, and his detective work shows that the RAM is likely the same as that found in the Kindle Fire.

It all makes sense. The new A5 chip must include hardware for decoding 1080p video, and the extra RAM is surely there to help. The 8GB flash storage is for buffering streaming video, and is clearly still plenty, even with the larger file sizes of 1080p video.

This is all good news for users of the XMBC software which turns the Apple TV into a proper, full-featured media center. What’s not such good news is that it might not be so easy to jailbreak. Dev team member Musclenerd Tweets “Irony: Apple’s least expensive iOS device (yesterday’s new AppleTV3,1) will likely be the most secure of the bunch.”

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