Check Out How The Clear ToDo App Was Recreated In Pure HTML5

Check Out How The Clear ToDo App Was Recreated In Pure HTML5

Here at Cult of Mac, we’re big fans of Clear, the elegant, zen-minimalist to-do app for the iPhone released by Impending and Realmac Software. That said, for all its attractiveness, it doesn’t actually push the bar very far technically… which, as it turns out, makes it a fairly trivial feat to recreate in HTML5!

The web app called HTML5 Clear looks just like Realmac’s to-do app, but works within Mobile Safari. Developer Evan You states:

I was fascinated by the innovative gesture controls and wanted to see if I can implement the look and feel in HTML5 using CSS3 transitions. Didn’t get 100% of the details, and there are a lot of bugs, but it looks pretty close.

It’s a pretty cool demonstration. You’s recreation isn’t perfect, but it does show how far CSS and HTML has come, and how a lot of the best apps on the app store aren’t propelled by tech wizardry, but simply by a new way of thinking about old UI problems.

You can try out HTML5 Clear here.

[via iPhone in Canada]

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