Mountain Lion Will Link DVD-Installed Apple Software With Your Mac App Store Account


Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 15.18.33

Yesterday we showed you how in OS X Mountain Lion, Software Update has shifted from its own app to the Mac App Store. But how will that work with updating apps that weren’t purchased through the App Store, but were instead bundled with your Mac at point-of-sale or installed from a DVD?

As you can see in the screenshot above, Apple’s got it covered: the Mountain Lion App Store will automatically detect any app that has historically been updated through Software Update and ask to register it to your Apple ID, along with a unique hardware identifier.

What this means is that the App Store will soon be able to update select Apple apps that were purchased outside of the App Store. Theoretically, this should also mean that these apps will then be available for download on any machine tied to that Mac App Store account.

It’s a small touch, but a very nice one that should make keeping your legacy software up-to-date a lot easier.


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  • Mike Shyu

    I wonder if this would work with my Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (DVD install) which is now available on the Mac App Store.  I’m guessing Apple would have to work out the licensing rights with the software company before this could happen.

  • cmsj

    This is not new, I had this after upgrading to Lion.

  • Matt S.


  • Jordan Clay

     No you didn’t.  It is new.

  • cmsj

    Sorry dude, you’re wrong. I saw this. I think it was on the MacBook Pro which went SnowLeopard + iLife 11 -> Lion, but I don’t remember for sure.
    I do, however, very clearly remember accepting a linkage between my existing iLife apps, and the MAS versions of them.

    You can even find people talking about it on the Internet:

  • cmsj

    I did. It is not. If you google for some of the wording, you can find people talking about having run into it well before Mountain Lion was announced.
    (I have another comment along these lines that includes a link to such a discussion, but it’s held for moderation, presumably because it contains a link).

  • kootenayredneck

    Sound like this only Apple Specific software, since I read some place today that Microsoft and Adobe software are not signed by Apple, except what will be on the AppStore, such as Adobe release of Photoshop Elements.

  • Ole Kristian Dyskeland

    No news here, got the same thing on my LION MBP ;) 

  • ZeeKazim

    We already have iLife apps linked to the App Store account in Lion, but I think what’s new here is that it would be also available for third party apps. If so, that would be good but not so good; not all apps in the app store can be updated to the latest version available directly from the developer!