Software Update Moves To The Mac App Store With Mountain Lion


Screen Shot 2012-02-16 at 12.12.02 PM

This is interesting. With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has ditched Software Update as a standalone application, and instead baked its functionality into the Mac App Store’s “Updates” panel. Now if you hit Software Update, the Mac App Store loads and all of the integral software updates are found under a drop-down box under OS X Update.

Deals of the Day

  • kootenayredneck

    Will the end use still be able to download the .dmg file separately from the App Store.

  • Nate Wetterauer

    Any reason why my App store wouldn’t show this update?

  • thehighesttimes


  • Robert X

     Do you have “Mountain Lion”?

  • ericlo

    This isn’t new. The same was done with the Lion preview.