Zynga’s Tiny Tower Clone Hits U.S. App Store And Employees Love It



Zynga’s latest iOS game Dream Heights received a lot of stick when it was first announced, and there’s no denying that it was all deserved. After all, it is a blatant clone of Tiny Tower, the App Store’s best game of 2011, from a small team of independent developers called NimbleBit.

The title is now available to download from the U.S. App Store, and according to the reviews it’s already received, Zynga employees love it.

Like a lot of Zynga games, Dream Heights is a freemium release that hopes to secure revenue with in-app purchases. It initially released as a “beta” in Canada but has now made its way down to the U.S.

According to its early App Store reviews, however, the title isn’t worth downloading. One user labels it a “poor imitation,” while another calls it “simply awful.” Dream Heights has received 173 ratings at the time of writing this post, and it currently has just 1.5 stars.

Despite this, Zynga employees (as you’d expect) think it’s great. Touch Arcade points to reviews from Zynga’s Senior User Experience Designer John Lerma and the company’s Producer Matthew Ott who “love” Dream Heights and believe it’s “beautiful, fun, and polished.”

If you’ve downloaded Dream Heights, what do you think of it?

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  • Carolyn Hayes

    I was gonna download it just to give it a snarky rating: but I see many others have already done the job.

  • FriarNurgle

    F’ Zyngas

  • Andrew Leonenko

    No iPad Support…WASTE OF TIME IMO

  • mrweid

    don’t care clone no clone. it’s fun and it’s free. join me. My Dream Heights Tower Code: CSQIGGA

  • James Higgens

    Gee, I wonder what else is also fun and free…

    Tiny Tower perhaps?

  • CharliK

    crap is the word that comes to mind. they just copied Tiny Tower with their own art. didn’t improve any of things that are wrong with Tiny Tower.