Apple Just Became The Top Smartphone Manufacturer In The World

Apple Just Became The Top Smartphone Manufacturer In The World

A tiny note from today’s Apple earnings: 37 million iPhones were sold in Q1 of 2012, meaning that Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer in the world. The number one spot has previously been held by Samsung. There seemed to be no way that Apple could take the crown so soon.

Samsung said that it shipped (not sold) 35 million smartphones in the last quarter (analyst estimates were a more conservative 32 million), and Apple just sold 37 million iPhones. Way to go, Apple.

The iPhone 4S is available in 90 counties, making it Apple’s fastest iPhone rollout ever. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer attributed much of the company’s success to the 4S and iPad during today’s earnings call. CEO Tim Cook also noted that Apple made a “good decision to go with a broad range of iPhones,” referencing the continued success of the 3GS and iPhone 4.

More information on today’s earnings can be found here.

  • Guest

    Huh? Who manufactures iPhones?
    “Designed in CA manufactured in China”

  • Guest

    Who wants iPhone now days? No LTE and 3.5″ screen I bet next iPhone will be a over 4″ but they will be always loser to GS III.
    edit: except kids and none tech people.

  • MercuryFumes

    “none tech people”? Go back to school

  • saudio

    The only people who want iPhones are the ones who want the phone to work when they first turn it on with nothing else having to be done.  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t immediately happen on an Android, does it?  

  • Cold_dead_fingers


  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Apparently, people would rather have a 3.5″, no LTE phone than some piece of plastic which looks the same as the piece of plastic it replaced.

  • HerbalEd

    The fact most people miss is that Apple is competing against literally hundreds of different models of Android phones with three iPhone models. 

  • HerbalEd

    If you actually want to be taken seriously then you have to state real facts and not pretend ones. Otherwise you wind up sounding like a kid.

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