Use Siri And The Find My Friends App To Locate Your Pals By Voice [iOS Tip]



While the feature is currently still in beta, Apple is yet to extend Siri support to apps that aren’t already baked into the iOS operating system. But did you know that the company’s own Find My Friends app, which debuted alongside iOS 5 last summer, does include Siri support, allowing you to locate your pals using only your voice?

Here’s you to find your friends using Siri.

Of course, you will need the free Find My Friends app installed on your device for this to work — you’ll also need to ensure that you are logged into the service — and you’ll need to be using an iPhone 4S, which is currently the only device that features Siri.

Now all you need to do is hold down the home button to open up Siri and ask her where your friends are. You can either use the “Find Joe Bloggs” or “Where is Joe Bloggs?” commands, obviously substituting “Joe Bloggs” with the name of a real friend.

Siri will then locate the person you asked for. If it does not work, you are either not logged into the Find My Friends service, or the friend that you’ve asked Siri to find hasn’t been added to your Find My Friends account.

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  • Clark Wallace

    Isn’t working for me here in the U.K. just pulls up the contact’s address.

  • MercuryFumes

    Instead of substituting the name Joe Bloggs, I renamed one of my friends Joe Bloggs. Worked well.

  • ramunasbl

    It seams there is one more “or” – it works in US only.

  • Forest Walker

    now if Apple could just get the Find my Friends app to work.

  • Rob Scanlan

    it does work fine in the UK. i use it without any problems.

  • Ashley ‘Gash’ Towers

    You have to make sure their email address is in contacts that matches up to the find my friends email address they use … had the same problem but it works now i’ve figured that out.