Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery] LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – It’s day one at CES. The show floor just opened. We ran down to check out the goodies. We’ve got Snooki doing a duck face, cool Aviator headphones from Skull Candy, and plenty more.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

These Skull Aviator headphones are designed after the iconic aviator glasses, hence the name.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

This is the Emperor 1510 computer workstation for the home office. The $6,200 price tag may seem high, but you can’t put a price on comfort or style. Your c0-workers will be so envious.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

Celebrities in the house! Look carefully, and you can see 50 Cent at the SMS Auio promoting headphones. We couldn’t get any closer – it was a mob scene!.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

This is the Bodydock. A magnetic docking system for your iPhone that attaches your iPhone to your clothes with two magnets. The case and and magnets combined cost around $70.00. Keep your beloved iPhone close to your heart.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The iBrag iPad ($49.95) and iPhone ($21.95) cases from Braggables are a unique way to proudly display your pc (precious child). Available in six fun colors.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The Cushi is a soft foam pad for your iPhone from the company id America. For $15.00 you can give your iPhone a 3-D look that screams cute. Colorful and fun to fondle, too.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

Listen up party girls. The iKeep from Poldera is your product. Latch it on to your purse or belt and the retractable cord will keep it close and safe. Never lose your iPhone at the bar again! Apple should have used this.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

Bolle Photo makes a smartphone photo printer for $150.00. This small and easy to use printer is compatible with the iPad, iPod and iPhone. This would be fun to have at a party.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The $111.11 XYBOT gives new meaning to the “mobile” phone. It turns your iPhone into a robot!

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The Miniwinder is the smallest winder on the market. It costs $14.95 and comes in eight designs.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The $69.95 Miveu turns your iPhone into a powerful POV camera. The custom wide angle lens gets up close to the action.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

The OmniStand iPad case is a stand that can also be held like a handbag. It’s colorful and cool. It comes in eight colors and costs $60.

Best of CES, Day One [Gallery]

These Road Mice computer mice cost $39.95 for Ford and GM models, but the Jaguar and Lamborghini cost $59.95.

  • ddevito

    CES is weak this year

  • Fabio Escobar

    How the hell can you put a picture of Snooki under the title “Best of CES”? Really lowering the bar on this year’s CES expectations I guess!

  • Rjp9200

    Even the managing editor can’t “manage” to use proper grammar or spellcheck.

  • Ian Bradley

    Who is this Snooki person and please tell me this is not their real name

  • Elsic1975a

    The Bolle Photo seems nice, but…no AirPrint? That’d make it really useful for a party. Take a pic, print over the air, and keep shooting :)

    Also, editing on the posts and Snooki? Really? I usually don’t complain, but….yeesh.

  • pollix

    Oh jeez, if Snooki is at CES, then we know it must be scraping for people to attend.

  • Alexander Anthony

    Snooki? This must be a joke right? 
    Did we run out of decent human beings and we now have to result using that thing?

  • carlospacheco74

    really digging the id America products. Might want to link the English site though! 

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