iOS Developer Is Selling His Game’s Source Code On eBay



While popular iOS games can make their developers a small fortune in the App Store, not every title is a huge success. With over half a billion iOS apps currently available, some are bound to go unnoticed. However, one developer is attempting to make money from his iOS game in a different way.

With his latest game struggling to take off in the App Store, indie game developer Adam Schwartz is looking to bring in some cash by selling the title’s source code on eBay.

Schwartz is offering the source code for both the free (ad-supported) and paid versions ($0.99) of his game Cannon Collision on the popular auction site, in addition to all of the accompanying artwork and an hour of his own time to facilitate the transition. The auction does not provide access to his iTunes Connect account, however:

This listing is for the mobile application “Cannon Collision” and “Cannon Collision Free” available on the iPhone.  The source code along with logos and everything needed to add the apps to your own account.  This listing does NOT give you control of a current Apple iTunes Connect account. You will be given the source code and I will make my developer available for 1 hour to change the admob and greystripe ads on the free version to your account and to add the apps to your own itunes connect account free of charge. Once purchased, I will remove my apps from the app store and you own the sole rights to these apps. These two apps have been around for a few months but have never really been advertised.  Cannon Collision is an extremely simple game that is very addicting.  It uses Game Center to rank scores.  I recommend you try both versions before bidding so you know how addicting the game really is.

The auction still has just over five days to go at the time of writing this post, and it had already attracted bids over $200. That’s not bad for a game struggling to make its mark in the App Store.

If you intend to make a bid of your own, be sure to remember that you’ll need your own iTunes Connect account to sell the title in the App Store.

[via App Advice]


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  • JackWoodmansey

    Im pretty sure selling iOS apps source codes isn’t a new thing. Loads of websites have been selling them for a long time. 

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    Sweet we now have half a BILLION apps! Take that Android store. :P

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    Sweet we now have half a BILLION apps! Take that Android store. :P

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