Making Hidden Folders In OS X [Video How-To]



Making hidden folders in Mac OS X isn’t an easily accessible command for the average user. Unlike most parts of Mac OS X, it’s not just one or two clicks away. In this video, I’ll show you how can make hidden folders to keep unwanted visitors out of your files.

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  • Top_Gear

    Easier way.

    1. Want a folder or file to be hidden? Put a . at the start of the folder/file’s name. You can do this while creating the folder.

    2. Download as the vid says. I was using Tinkertool, but this prefs is much more useful.

  • qoqo

    ls -la | grep ^d

  • qoqo

    To find all hidden directories on a volume…

    find / -type d -regex ‘\..*’ 2>/dev/null

    We redirect errors to the bit bucket to avoid any “Permission denied” messages polluting the output. Of course, you’ll find only directories for which permissions are set such that you have read access.

  • Cem Karahan

    How to delete the hidden folder?

  • qoqo

    @ Cem

    Delete the folder with (assuming you’re in the directory above and the folder is named .hidden)

    rmdir .hidden

    The above won’t work if the folder is not empty, so either remove all contents from the folder first, or do the following if you want to delete the folder and its contents (be careful with this):

    rm -rf .hidden

  • Mac365

    -open terminal and type: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
    -then restart finder by typing: killall Finder

    -to turn off hidden files just replace TRUE with FALSE and restart finder.

  • Glen Parker

    Does the “All Files” feature of Finder pick up on files within the hidden folder?

  • Hsin_Shih Wang

    Open the hidden folder.
    Drag the .hidden folder’s icon on the top of the window to trash can.

  • freedommcflyy

    Great tip! 

  • aarongmoore

    Where is the ‘Secrets’ system preferences application available?

  • Les Kern

    Nice enough for casual hiding of non-sensitive files I guess. But a disk image with 256-bit encryption is the way to go. PLUS you can carry it with you on a pen drive or laptop and not care if it’s lost or stolen.

  • Kevin Gill

    Good tip, thanks.  MacHider is an application from MacPaw and it does somewhat the same thing (which is hides folders, files…etc.) but provides the user a GUI interface.  Pretty simple and neat application and it’s $19.95 for a “LIFETIME” single license.

  • joehudsonsmall
  • joehudsonsmall

    You can remove All My Files from the sidebar in Finder’s preferences (although it does still appear under the “Go” menu).

  • joehudsonsmall

    URL’s can’t be posted apparently..

    It’s developed by Blacktree.

  • Svavar Örn

    or use “chflags” to hide folder instead of using “.” in filenames/foldernames.

    chflags hidden foldername
    chflags nohidden foldername to unhide it.

  • 1forest1

    Can I make a hidden folder Somewhere else than in /users ?

  • lantzn

    With Lion Mac OS X 10.7 the Library folder is hidden by default now.  To save time I place a folder named _Hidden in this folder.  The underslash “_” puts the folder at the top of the list.  Now to access the Library folder QUICKLY just have the Finder selected and go to the “Go” menu  and you’ll see that the Library folder does not show up.  Toggle the Option key on and off, while the Go menu is open and you’ll see the Library show and not show in sequence to the Option key.  Sounds like a lot but once you try it you’ll see how fast it really is.

    Hope that made sense. :)