iOS Developers Now Have Less Than 24 Hours To Submit Their Apps For The Holidays



With countless iOS devices being handed out this Christmas, Apple’s App Store is going to see a heck of a lot of business. It’s in your best interests, then, if you’re an iOS developer, to have your apps in the App Store and ready for sale before Apple shuts down for the holidays. You now have less than 24 hours to submit your app before it’s put on hold until January.

Apps submitted for review later than Tuesday, December 20, will have to wait until Apple returns from Christmas vacation in January for approval, which means they’ll miss one of the App Store’s busiest periods. If you’re just updating an existing app — either to quash bugs or add new functionality — you have until Thursday, December 22.

And you’d be incredibly naive to think that a few days won’t make much of a difference to your sales. The New York Times reports that one developer, who typically sales around 300 downloads a day, did incredibly well on Christmas Day last year:

One of his apps is an air hockey game that costs 99 cents and usually averages about 300 downloads a day. But on Christmas Day last year there were 1,834.

That’s quite a difference, especially if you’re an independent developer who may be submitting your first iOS app. Even if it means working through the night, then, get your app in before Apple goes home tomorrow.

[via iDB]

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  • Tombo

    Got 4 of mine submitted and 2 updates submitted. Hope it works out, there are a BUNCH of new apps rolling in, mine are showing in the what’s new first page for a day max.

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