Evernote Releases New Apps For Noting The People You Meet & The Food You Eat



Evernote has release two new apps for the iPhone today, named ‘Evernote Hello’ and ‘ Evernote Food’, that will help the forgetful record and remember the people they meet, and the food that they eat. Now you’ll never forget the name of that guy who gave a talk in last week’s meeting, or that awesome meal you had with your friends at the weekend.

Evernote Hello (pictured top) is great for those who are always meeting new people… and then forgetting their names, or what they do, or what they were like, or who they worked for — you get the idea! Simply launch the app when you meet someone new and pass them your iPhone; they can then create their own profile incredibly quickly.

You can then record things like photos, notes and impressions, the location, or why you met. Check out Evernote Hello in action:


Similarly, Evernote Food is for recording all of your favorite meals. When you visit that new restaurant in town, you can record its location, can snap photos of your dish, and make notes. Evernote believes that Food will be great for those who travel and wish to keep track of different recipes that they discover along the way.

Here’s Evernote Food in action:


What’s great about both of these apps is that they sync with your Evernote account, so even if you don’t have your iPhone with you, you can access your notes on your Mac, your iPad, or through a web browser.

I think both of these apps are fantastic, but I think I’ll certainly be using Evernote Food the most. While Evernote Hello is a terrific idea, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable asking everyone I meet to setup a profile on my iPhone, or snapping a picture of them so that I remember their face.

[via The Next Web]

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  • ryanthebassman

    If someone asked me to set up a mini-profile of myself and take a picture of myself just so they could fake remembering me next time I see them, it would probably be the last time I ever say hi to them.

  • toodarnloud

    I think it is for people that you will want to remember.