Timbuk2’s New Wallet Case Keeps Your iPhone Out of the Weather

Timbuk2’s New Wallet Case Keeps Your iPhone Out of the Weather

Timbuk2 says its new “aerodynamic” (their words, not mine) Mission Cycling Wallet was inspired by the gearheads over at San Francisco-based Mission Cycling Club — one imagines its inception resulting from a cacophony of complaints about sweaty iPhones and the absence of holes to stash a credit card for that post-ride latte.

Even if that isn’t the way it went down, the $30 ballistic nylon case, with its zippered seal and triple-slot card holder on the back, looks like a winner. Aerodynamic though? Really? I want to see those wind-tunnel figures…

  • Chris Spencer

    I hope that it somehow protects the mag strips on the cards. With many credit cards, the company goes the cheaper route and uses strips that can be easily affected by prolonged cell phone radiation. Many local credit unions also have this problem with debit cards, and even Key to the World cards at Disney World are affected.

  • Sean Brassman

    I want one.

  • David Clark

    I’ll keep my Lifeproof case, thank you very much. I can mount it to my bicycle and not worry about sloshing anything into it, or dropping it on the pavement at 35 mph. 

  • Rowanova

    So we go for a bike ride to get some exercise, get all sweated up, and then for for a hot coffee of some sort? I think not. I’ll have an ice cold beer, thank you very much. :-)

    I like part of this case, but share the concern about the magnetic strips being safe over time. I would like a case similar to this that also offers an opening and closing “door” to enclose and cover those credit cards, drivers license, cash, ect. 

    If Timbuk2, or any one else, made a case including that feature I’d be quick to buy one. Or maybe somebody else here knows of that type of case already in existence and could share it with us.

  • Me

    Really poor design… How long will your unprotected credit cards and bills stay in the holder?
    By the way the iPhone deserves a better look….


    Does any know how to find what the athletic pros do with their phones during training? Reality requires rigorous and consistent exposure to extreme environments. Example; what does a GNCC NATIONAL SERIES off road dirt motorcycle pro use to carry a phone? Even with no falls, the extreme shock, G forces, water, mud, humidity: do products exist to protect a phone? In a remote area, especially in an emergency a WORKING PHONE IS PRICELESS.
    phone’s priceless and irreplaceable the emergency

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