New App Allows You to Leave Location-Based Messages, Videos for Others [Daily Freebie]



First there were posts, then tweets. Now we’ve got a new word to use as a method for sharing bits of ourselves: the cling.

“What the &#%$ is a cling,” you’re probably asking right now. So here’s the deal: If you use developer MyCityWay‘s new free app Clingle, you can leave virtual stuff for others to find — including messages, photos, videos and iTunes songs — at a particular location, which are then geotagged, uploaded to a server and made available for whomever you specify.

There’re also whole bunch of check-in based rewards to make it more Foursquare-ish, like points that can be redeemed for stuff at an upcoming Clingle Store, and business proprietors can use it to offer specials at the door through customers iPhones. Pretty cool.



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  • martinberoiz

    like Dropp

  • freedommcflyy

    I think this is a great concept for an app. However do we really need another application with a check in. I wonder how many applications the government makes, for us to be located voluntarily?