Check Out This Really Nice Ikea Concept For iPad [Video]

Ikea concept

Developer Moritz Haarmann put together this neat experimental “fluid layout” concept for retail on the iPad.

It’s well suited to a store like Ikea, with its massive inventory of products. Start at the top and zoom in with further swipes through a series of bands and strips until you find the products you want. It might remind you of Twitter for iPad, which Moritz says was one of his inspirations for the app.

We think it looks pretty cool.

Here’s the

Check Out This Really Nice Ikea Concept For iPad [Video]

iPad fluid app layout concept from Moritz Haarmann on Vimeo.

(Via Hacker News)

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  • August Drilling

    wow that looks great, simple, and fun to use!

  • Bob

    Odd, though, that there is a mouse pointer all over the place in the video.

  • Hampus

    He is running the app in the iOS simulator on OS X to record it. Pretty common.

  • tmadel

    I love the concept – but I am not clear on how the navigation works from level to levelĀ 

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