Starbucks Will Give You a Free iPhone App With Your Coffee



Despite Steve Jobs’ crank call to one Seattle-based store for 4,000 lattes during the 2007 MacWorld Expo, Starbucks remains an Apple friend — holding a number of promotions that offer free iTunes downloads. The latest will give you a free iPhone app every time you get your caffeine fix.

Starbucks kicked off an awesome new promotion yesterday which will see it throw in a free iPhone ‘Pick of the Week’ every time you buy a coffee. With each purchase you’ll get a gift card that features a promo code, which you can redeem in the App Store.

And don’t think the free apps just going to be App Store flops that nobody wants to buy anyway: The first download Starbucks is giving away is Shazam Encore — a popular music search app that usually costs $5.99 in the App Store.

Before you rush out to grab a latte, here’s Steve Jobs’ crank call to Starbucks, courtesy of 9to5 Mac:


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  • carlospacheco74

    I want to take advantage of this but I’m in Canada, is it only a US promotion?