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If you can’t afford Apple’s Pro Display XDR, then what? [Setups]


The custom-made redwood desk is nice, but the Pro Display XDR is stunning.
The custom-made redwood desk is nice, but the Pro Display XDR is stunning.
Photo: Caliform@Reddit.com

Gorgeous, high-definition monitors hold a place of honor in many a computer setup. And sometimes it’s several displays, actually. But we rarely come across one of the most amazing monitors out there: the Apple Pro Display XDR. Why? Well, it costs $6,000, for one thing. Or, if you’re lucky, not quite that much.

So if you’re not a wealthy or financially irresponsible person, what’s a reasonable alternative to the Pro Display XDR?

Apple’s stunning Pro Display XDR hits new low after $500 discount


Apple Pro Display XDR
Get both the standard and nano-texture glass models for less.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s stunning Pro Display XDR is now slightly more affordable after B&H Photo slashed $500 off the usual price. The discount applies to the standard glass model, which features a 32-inch 6K display.

Those who want the same display with nano-texture glass should order from Amazon, which is offering the same $500 discount on that model. These are by far the biggest discounts we’ve seen so far.

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This minimalist setup packs more than meets the eye [Setups]


MacBook Setup: The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.
The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.
Photo: @Canoopsy/Twitter

At the beginning of the year, the owner of this striking setup decided to start from scratch. He abandoned his two-monitor config and went with something more minimal — the impeccable $6,000, 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR. Thats why, for him, scaling down to one monitor is actually an upgrade.

Apple Pro Display XDR picks up highest honor in Display Industry Awards


Apple Pro Display XDR was lauded for advancing the state of the art in display technology.
Photo: Apple

The Society for Information Display on Tuesday named Apple’s Pro Display XDR one of its 2020 Displays of the Year, among the industry’s highest honors.

This top-tier display debuted in December alongside the latest Mac Pro. It sports a 32-inch Retina 6K screen, with 10-bit color and a super-wide viewing angle.

Gorgeous iMac concept packs slim bezels and Pro Display XDR chassis


We hope the 2020 iMac looks a lot like this.
Photo: Viktor Kádár and Patrik Borgatai

The iMac might finally get a big design change in 2020 after going untouched for seven years and one team of concept designers is hoping it borrows heavily from the new Mac Pro.

Viktor Kádár and Patrik Borgatai imagined what the 2020 iMac lineup will look like if Apple added a new Pro Display XDR and a base that looks like a Pro Stand that doesn’t cost $999. The end result is a more industrial looking iMac with slimmer bezels and louder sound.

This thing is absolutely gorgeous:

Pro colorist pans Apple Pro Display with science and one-liners


YouTuber Vincent Teoh reviews Apple Pro Display
World's best pro display? Vincent Teoh says not so much.
Screenshot: Vincent Teoh/YouTube

Professional colorist and YouTube HDTV reviewer Vincent Teoh says he cannot recommend Apple’s $5,000 Pro Display XDR to creatives who do commercial color grading.

But the pricey monitor’s “beautiful design will look good in the office of a divorce lawyer,” Teoh says.

What will Apple’s ARM iMac look like?


Might a new ARM iMac look like this?
Imagine an iMac that looked like this.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The iMac is far overdue for a redesign. The current “tapered edge” design dates back to 2012, and was itself mostly a slimming-down of the original aluminum iMac from 2007. Viewed from the front, the iMac looks the same today as it did 13 years ago. You could say that the iMac doesn’t need to change its look, and that’s a valid point. But it’s showing its age in other areas too, and that’s more of a problem. Could we soon see an ARM iMac? If so, what might it look like?